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VEGYTERV IS Industrial Solutions General Contractor Company Ltd. has the traditions and experiences of VEGYTERV Rt. and EL&ME Irányítástechnika Kft. behind it. VEGYTERV Zrt. is a traditional, well-known and multidisciplinary designer's business venture which has been functioning in the Hungarian chemical industry for more than 50 years. The Company had also a regular contractor and general contractor profile in the past. EL&ME Irányítástechnika Kft. is a contractor with excellent references in the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries, whose history dates back to more than 20 years in which it has been constructing industrial process control and electric power distribution systems in a complex manner.

Increasing demands are shown in Hungary's current industrial market for the solution of complex tasks involving several professions. Companies are expected to provide a broadest possible range of guarantee and liability assumption as well as efficient and competent project administration. VEGYTERV IS Zrt. is poised to meet these challenges and to conduct successful business operations.

VEGYTERV IS Zrt. has strategic markets such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries, however, the Company is open to any industries where it can be competitive. VEGYTERV IS Zrt. can integrate several professional fields in its business ventures, it develops customized technological solutions. The Company focuses on solutions required by the customers and seeks the best potentials. When making proposals and business deals it scrutinizes and purposefully extends the questions of competence, value added and potential risks.

VEGYTERV IS Zrt. intends to closely know its customers, their expectations, customs and activities. Based on them it wishes to develop its proposals. It endeavors to achieve joint success and act as a good business partner in the long run.

The organization structure of the Company reflects its clear-cut business responsibilities. High level professional support and a proper, certified and continuously controlled range of partners and vendors are essential in the life of such a business venture. VEGYTERV IS Rt. maintains close relations with international product manufacturers and entrepreneurs and promotes its relationship with them. VEGYTERV IS Zrt. makes efforts to build partnership with its vendors and subcontractors as well.

VEGYTERV IS Zrt. is committed for customer focus, customer satisfaction, quality, motivated employees, environment protection and business results. To this end, the Company has been improving its Quality Assurance System which it has implemented and operated right at the beginning of its foundation, while it defines its quality policies so as to fulfill the customer demands in an increasingly complete range.

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